Wow, let all business units make their own cubes using PowerPivot and SSAS Tabular many worlds hopefully same data? No Microsoft did a great job, Our star schema cubes are good.  We can pull data using Normal Excel Pivot Table and MDX from the cube itself  We can also allow users access to the Multidimensional cube, datamart or relational database.

What we get with Tabular is the ability to empower the users to use data models as soon as OLTP changes are made. Using PowerPivot users can now work in excel and use SSAS, Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access, MYSQL… to pull in data into PowerPivot. They can create facts and measures using relational data models in PowerPivot.

Using Sharepoint 2010 users can share their PowerPivot Excel spreadsheet to other users. I can then convert the PowerPivot Spreadsheet to SQL 2012 Tabular and partition the data so each datasource  is processed daily, hourly..

The great thing is I can now partition dimensions and facts.


I will follow up with real time dimension and fact processing