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ssas 2012 tabular error “An error occurred when loading the Model”

I ran into this bug when I restarted the SQL Server 2012 Tabular service. I only saw 4 of my databases. The application error log was not very helpful A ton of “An error occurred when loading the Model.” messages. The other message I saw was “The database cryptographic key could not be loaded”

This seems to be an issue with SSAS not closing the file properly. What I did to fix was to look at the details of the error and see what files caused the error. I had a ton of these errors but I was able to track the problem back to the first MSOLAP type error where I saw error “An error occurred when loading the [Table Name]” where table name was a table in one of my cubes.

I stopped SSIS service and then deleted E:\MSAS11.DETAB12\OLAP\Data\cust_hist.0.db folder and E:\MSAS11.DETAB12\OLAP\Data\cust_hist.0.xml file. I restarted SSIS and then restored from backup.

I did find a link to a fix but it was already installed. Another post said it was because of changes to the services account but that does not seem to be the problem as I never have and service account is a admin.

Wondering if anyone else has found a fix for this…


SSAS 2012 Multidimensional vs Tabular

I’m still getting used to it the days of many dimensions with cubes is going to migrate into tabular. I will be the first to admit its hard to let my SQL, Oracle.. data warehouses go. But using tabular you can process data and handle bad data using DAX. It lets your users use data. Its all free with Excel 2010. Download PowerPivot and see what you can do with you old data marts, data warehouses, SQL Databases Oracle Databases, Access, etc. You can use them all together and let your power users create dynamic PowerPivot sheets on their own. Using SharePoint 2010 you can look at usage and import into tabular if it the data needs to be updated on schedule. Multidimensional still has a purpose but with Tabular you can put it into memory and have the fastest results. Any small data marts I do as Tabular and huge one use Multidimensional and then tabular.