About Me

My name is Derek Evans, I am a Microsoft SQL Server Database Engineering developer with  NextEra Energy . I have worked as a SQL Server Database Administrator for over 15 years. I specialize in SQL Server OLTP Design and Integration Services, SQL Data Warehouses both OLTP and OLAP.

I started out in the Microsoft World after getting out of college Rochester Institute of Technology. I got a job as Tech Support at Keyspan Energy (Brooklyn Union and Gas) supporting their customer support system. We went from Microsoft Access to SQL 6.5 and it was a scary yet great way to learn SQL Server. Through those years I have learned where the need and justification is to bring in a Microsoft SQL Server or Office product or feature and how to show the business how the product will benefit them. Through those experiences I hope to provide some examples that may be able help other people.

In my experiences I have found a common theme. You need a business expert to give you logic and rules, you need a Business Analyst to look at those specifications and translate them to the application development team and the specifications are outdated and bug ridden by the time you implement them.

Some of the methodologies to tackle these problems are WaterfallSIX SIGMA, LEAN, and AGILE. the problem is that every one of these may not fit the business model if they are not part of it.

The way technology is ever changing. anyone who says they know it all has a lot to learn. You have to play with the new features and keep an eye out for whats coming to stay in the game. I look at Oracle, SQL Server, NOSQL, Hadoop, MySQL.. and such and I see they all have advantages. None of these methodologies meet the new need that allows business to do self service dynamically and get results that are bug free, designed for future growth and incorporate all new technologies.

The future will be web based interface where you design UI’s that build back end code and datastructure using the best method possible.  These systems must be able to be virtualized, code and database independent and have change control automated (UI, Business Layer, Data Model and Data Layer).  It must be able to handle have many versions of development and quality assurance and business user acceptance within the system. Even using virtualization for this process is time consuming and outdated. These system have to be able to be interchangeable with tools that force consistency or reinventing the same process.

Most of the stuff on this page is outdated. In regards to SQL Server the addition of xVelocity column store gives us the ability to add a blob data type that contains all our info for a record. For example we can have a record called customer_id and a column called data which contains all customer purchases, address history, a second record called warehouse where we have a inventory some of this may have gone to our customer. Here is where the separation and unity must exist. Warehouse is waists if it has inventory to long and customer is unsatisfied if their product is not delivered. The inventory is sold off for a loss. All these systems have been developed and updated with a huge cost.

How a perfect system would work is the sales team would do AGILE stories using a system where they create a customer, what they want and what they didn’t find. Some notes, and they want a rug to match their couch.

The system has taken this information and looked at their previous information and has customized it to their buying history or builds it based on same demographics.


It is a challenge for us all

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