Agile and what it means to a DBA

I have always loved SQL Server because it is a well documented tool and I can create very complicated database logic that works with visual studio API. After training on Agile I was put on a project because the old version was VB. I was put in a agile team and was helpful on documentation of the old code but not able to help much on the Oracle and Java coding. The feeling was I was NUG New Useless Guy but the oracle guy showed me all of his code and I got a book and the Java guys had me implement their changes and helped me understand the difference between java and C#.

My next project I was assigned was totally java, PostgreSQL and Redhat Linux. Again working with the team I became the database guy and created all the rest services with Java. I know can design java services on Redhat Linux and manage a PostgreSQL database.

We needed data analytics to see how well out application was performing so I pulled all the logging data into SQL Server an am able to show management how well our program is being used.

When agile is done properly it is an incredible change  form waterfall. Key is to get the business involved in the process so they can say top priority or nice to have.

Drawback to Agile is Im not a know all  SQL DBA, Oracle Developer, PostgreSQL DBA, MYSQL DBA, C# programmer, Predictive Modeling Engineer.

I am just a Agile Asset with this skills