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GIT Flow

GIT Work flow GIT Flow is a powerful source control solution that allows multiple features to be developed off of the main project. The diffidence between GIT and GIT Flow is swim lanes where master swim lane is release and development is features that have been completed. New features are put into their own swim lanes similar to branches. This makes it easy to see breakdown of product development and manage releases.


SQL Server and PowerShell 4.0

I’ve found myself using using powershell much more frequently to do stuff I used to do with SSIS just because its fast to develop and less complicated to deploy.

The one issue that really had me puzzled was when I started noticing that scripts that I had tested successfully from Powershell ISE were failing on deploy to QA or UAT.

The answer I found out after a lot of confusion was that Windows was at PS 4.0 but SQL was still using PS 2.0.


This article was very helpful in a workaround by launching a new instance of powershell v 4.0 from PS 2.0 but the drawback is now you have to go on the server and manipulate files which in a locked down production environment is time consuming and defeats using powershell with SQL Server Agent in the first place.

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Community Technology Preview 2

Microsoft has released Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Community Technology Preview 2. Its has a lot of changes in the database side but not much in OLAP Multidimensional and Tabular, SSIS or SSRS.

Zeus botnet steals $47M from European bank customers

The best Defense is Something Different

Easy Solution, Present the customer with a randomly named picture and line that up with 5 different pictures and make them choose their own. There will be some worm that is built to copy this from the users selections but it does not exist now.

Visio 2013 is here

Remember when you could create a dynamic diagrram and make it link to a database. Well that was before Microsft bought them out but  Try it out