It is amazing the time I spend on tasks only to find that the project plan was lacking and when I got to step 10 (there were only 2 steps in the beginning), step 2 was wrong. As a SQL DBA, Project Manager, Application Support… you must ask questions.

One example was a emergency request I received to support a project. They had restored databases and login would not work. I ran sp_fix_user_login and they were good to go. Case closed, I have a million other things to do anyway.

I received a call from the production team a couple months later saying I had supported a roll to QA and needed all the documnetation. I looked back and wait I just helped them with a issue. I never even saw that it was a qa roll and not marked “issue”

I had to restore and do the full roll over again deal with all the issues because they wanted dbo on the whole databases. Get blamed for delaying the project..

Ask questions